Youth Ministries


Hauser Community Church's youth ministry is called the "GRAGE" and meets at HCC on Monday nights from 7:00 pm until about 8:30 pm. We focus on fun, fellowship and strong Biblical teaching. The GRAGE is all about learning how to live out our faith in a more effective and consistent manner.

Transportation is offered from the SW corner of the Macy's parking lot. Bus leaves at 6:45 pm and returns at 8:45 pm.

Whether you are an old face or a new one, come join us and learn what real love is and how much God loves you.
Who knows? You may actually have fun and make some new friends that will love you too.

Follow us on FaceBook to keep up with all we're doing! Search "GRAGE" and you should find us!
What is the GRAGE?
The GRAGE is a place where we, as a family, learn to Grow as men and woman in Christ and compel one another to Reach out to the lost,
showing all whom see how we Adore God by the way we Give of ourselves, all as we Enjoy each others' friendship, gifting and fellowship.
Our Mission: 
To grow young men & women to be true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ and empower them to radically change their world.
Our Purpose: 
The purpose of the Hauser Community Church youth ministry is found in the name.
What once started out as a cool name for the garage they used to meet in has grown into a divine purpose.